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Designologue began as a means to pass the unemployed hours of Fall 2001. Originally called k.os Cricket (a nod to the original conspirator and an uninformed attempt to relate it to a sport similar Coudal's Photoshop Tennis), the first designologue fed on the sociopolitical climate that followed the events of September 11th.

The simple hard-coded page that displayed the collaboration drew interest from former college professors and friends alike. By the end of October there were 3 additional designologues to account for and k.os Cricket became Designologue.

Early in December, Designologue v2.0 launched with a registration-based public participation system. Included in this release was the ability to initiate a designologue through the site and upload images directly to the server. By Christmas of that year registered members had exceeded 100 and the meager Dialogue forums opened.

When the site was shut down a month later due to server problems and the uploading of inappropriate images Designologue had 300+ members and 150+ designologues in progress or archived. Membership and participation had exceeded the manageable scope of version 2.0 but an employer beckoned and development of the next version slowed to a crawl.

Almost one year later Designologue v3.0 relaunches with a new member screening process, better designologue management, a designologue rating system, an expanded Designolounge forum, individual designologue comments, the new browse section, and member profiles with stats galore.