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Whether you're new to Designologue or were around for v0.1 this is the easiest way to find all of your old favorites or new designologues to follow.

Using the drop-down menus below you can choose to limit the display to only completed (Archived) or incomplete (In Progress) designologues.

When logged in you can also choose to view just your favorites. Your personal "Favorites..." drop-down menu is limited to the number of designologues you specify in your preferences so this feature allows you to view the overflow.

You can then arrange the resulting designologues by rating (from highest to lowest to unrated), by date modified (most recently updated to first completed), alphabetically by theme, or by designologue number (order of initiation).

The thumbnail and theme link directly to the designologue. Members' names link to their profile page. Either destination allows you to jump to other designologues created by those members or to view their favorite designologues!