04.13.09 04:49 pm
Designologue has moved to a new Media Temple DV 3.5 server. Let me know if you come across any issues.
06.09.07 11:07 pm
I was thinking, since this place is such a ghost town, but still has a good page rank, I could use it to shamelessly promote my new web site.

I sure do miss the good old days when I had time to do fun designologues and didn't worry about billable work all the time.

If any one wants to do a fresh new designologue, let me know. I am down!

09.27.06 04:37 pm
HEARD OFF-MIC, SLIGHTLY MUFFLED: Oh my word, look at all this dust! Was this always so grey?
GENERAL CLATTER, GETTING LOUDER: Wait! Is that a microphone?
TAP-TAP-TAP: Is this thing on?
CLEARS THROAT: Fellow Designologuers! ... That's all I got. Sorry.
09.23.05 12:35 am
Tutorial on how to make a Nintendo Controller Mouse (Get yer craft-on!)
09.08.05 07:47 pm
Ji Barta's looking for funding to complete his feature length animation "The Golem"
05.24.05 10:00 am
Growth Spurts: Two new openings here at Silverpoint, an Interactive Designer and a Web Designer. Still looking for a Web Producer and a Network Administrator as well.
05.07.05 01:22 am
Free Comic Book Day!
Get to your shop before they run out of Flight and Superior Showcase (featuring work by J Chris Campbell , a new-comer representin my hometown, Greenville SC.)
04.07.05 10:21 pm
Designologue will be popping off the grid for a day or two this weekend while I play musical servers yet again. Stay tuned, we should be back up as soon as the DNS update.
03.31.05 06:43 pm
Comic-to-screen comparisons from SIN CITY. Looks like a pretty amazing effort by the directors to stay true to form.
03.28.05 06:22 pm
Build your own isometric pixel city!
03.15.05 06:05 pm
The Can is a collaborative art novel. A bit like the no. 192: Designocomic only it progresses a lot faster. (man I need to finish that last frame)
02.24.05 08:46 pm
Keanu never looked so pretty.
Richard Linklater (Waking Life) does Philip K Dick's A Scanner Darkly.
02.24.05 12:54 pm
BitfontMaker: The coolest thing in two weeks.
02.10.05 09:31 am
Silverpoint Job Openings--and one of the positions is Designologuer! Oh wait, I misread that. It's just Designer. Same difference. ;)
02.07.05 02:02 am
Ever wished you could call a building and play tetris on it? Even if you didn't before, I'm sure you will now.